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The Ultimate Guide to Acrylic Care & Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Acrylic Care & Maintenance

Acrylic is commonly used for roofing, as well as various other purposes, instead of glass. We provide high-quality acrylic sheets for different purposes at Pleasant Plastics, a popular and reliable acrylic company in Dubai.

As a high-quality acrylic fabricator in Dubai, we provide affordable prices for quality acrylic materials.

To ensure our products last a long time, we also provide tips for care and maintenance. To make acrylic products last longer, let’s look at how to care for them.

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The overall performance of acrylic is superior to that of glass when examined closely. There are a number of advantages to acrylic materials and sheets, which makes them so popular. Here are a few of them:

The demand for acrylic is not only boosted by these benefits, but also by many other benefits. Modern industries rely on acrylic for these benefits. There are also some vehicles that are bulletproofed with acrylic bulletproofing technology, which is a new invention.

Acrylic sheets have other benefits as well, including:

In order to ensure that your acrylic materials last as long as possible, you should follow certain tips and tricks. While using acrylic products, there are some tips to follow;

The storing process

As long as the conditions aren’t too extreme, acrylic can be used in any niche. In order to fully utilize acrylic or plexiglass without major damage, we must follow various precautions regardless of the environment in which it is stored.

The cleaning process

It is not difficult to clean acrylic materials. You can easily clean it at home, just like plastic. Cleaning products specific to this purpose are not required. In order to maintain our acrylic products, you can use any regular household cleaner.

You can eliminate dirt and grime by following some basic cleaning tips:


As we mentioned earlier, acrylic can sometimes be repaired if scratched or tough stains occur. In order to fix scratches on acrylic, only a few materials are required. You can remove most of the scratches on your acrylic products with wet sandpapers in grits between 600 and 1200 and warm water. A suitable polish can be used to give acrylic products a fresh glaze after this process.

A step-by-step method for ‘How to repair scratches on acrylic products’ is described in this tutorial.

A Statistic Charge

Whether it is acrylic furniture or acrylic lighting fixtures, there is a natural phenomenon of physics. Dust particles are attracted towards your acrylic product by this charge. We can see that after a few touches on the acrylic products, our hair gets attracted to them.

It is possible to discharge static charge from acrylic with the use of sprays or chemicals. Affordably priced anti-static spray can be purchased online.

In order to maximize the durability of acrylic products, we can follow these maintenance and care tips.


The company also manufactures acrylic cosmetic boxes in Dubai of superior quality, in addition to common acrylic products. As our team provides healthy support for every product of our brand, maintenance is easy. We hope you can make your life easier and more convenient by using our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to clean ANTI-GLARE acrylic?

It is important to follow certain cleaning steps when cleaning anti-glare acrylic products. It is highly likely that acrylic materials will be damaged and lose their quality over time. Instead of using regular abrasive cleaners, you should use cleaners specifically designed for them. Acrylic can easily be damaged by harsh chemicals that contain ammonium.

2. Where can I purchase acrylic products in Dubai?

Pleasant Plastics offers a variety of acrylic services all over UAE or Dubai, also known as the city of gold. Additionally, they provide acrylic engraving and acrylic laser cutting services in Dubai, as well as regular acrylic materials. Their customers can also purchase acrylic furniture such as acrylic tables from them. The company also receives good feedback from its consumers regarding its products.

3. Do I get better results from acrylic than glass?

Yes, acrylic has more advantages over glass for a variety of reasons. With today’s technology, acrylic can serve as a substitute for glass while offering benefits as well. There are several advantages of acrylic over the glass, including its unbreakably, durability, cost, and resistance. Acrylic is lighter and cheaper than glass. Compared to acrylic, glass has the advantage of providing a more transparent view. Let’s take the case of roofing sheets, for instance. Glass sheets are luxurious yet not durable for roofing, for example. Due to the advent of modern crystal clear acrylic sheets, people’s mindset has changed. Thus, acrylic has become a better choice over glass.

4. What are some of the demerits that come with using acrylic?

Acrylic has the major disadvantage of being a versatile material that can be bent and moulded. Furthermore, acrylic products are quite expensive. Acrylic has these major demerits.

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