Acrylic Cosmetic Box

Pleasant Acrylic LLC is one of the best acrylic company in Dubai that fabricates elegant and quality acrylic boxes. We can make boxes according to customer’s need & requirements in any thickness, color and shapes. We can combine acrylic to MDF to make it strong and durable.

Every person wants to maintain their cosmetic products in a safe place. Moreover, you need a product that not only looks good but should also be strong. Plus you need something that you can carry around while you move to the next home or residence. One such product is our famous cosmetic box. A cosmetic box is where you can place all your cosmetic products in one place. Don’t scatter them anymore around and later search for one cosmetic.

Acrylic is the right alternative to materials that can become sharp or break. Glass can be dangerous since it can hurt the user. Moreover acrylic does not shatter like glass. That is why many customers across the globe prefer special acrylic products. In Dubai, a company that is known for its acrylic products is Pleasant Acrylic. The company creates classic as well as ace-level acrylic box sets. These boxes can be used to contain all your precious cosmetics. Don’t ever worry about their durability.

You can also take advantage of the lightweight of our acrylic box. No more unwanted extra weight on your cosmetics containers. Haven’t you always wanted the cosmetic box that matches your personality or tastes? Our experts will create a personalized box based on the requirement of the client. Apart from that we also include other new details like how thick you want the box to be. The client can also decide the color of this box. We can also create the box in the desired shape that you prefer.

The specialists also mix the acrylics with MDF for making them robust and long-lasting. In this way, you get a stronger cosmetic box. Don’t worry about the rigidity of this product anymore. You will keep all your cosmetics in one place and they will be safe. Plus they look so stylish and modern. Today you need trendy-looking cosmetic boxes.