Pleasant Acrylic is a medium size fabrication company, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which specializes in POP displays. The company is led by a management team with the aim to capture the high- growth acrylic market in the UAE through excellence in quality, service and customer satisfaction. Pleasant Acrylic offers end-to-end product design, engineering, tooling and plastics production services. We take pride not just in the quality of our work but the delivery of our customers’ orders on time. To provide the best for our customers, we started a new division at Pleasant Acrylic which extrude PMMA to bring the highest quality extruded acrylic sheets to the UAE market. To compliment the materials that we use, Pleasant Acrylic had also setup a state of the art manufacturing facility with a clean room producing the highest quality acrylic products. At Pleasant Acrylic, we also use advanced equipment and machinery that are handled by our experienced technicians to guarantee the highest quality and innovative products there can be. We can design and manufacture various acrylic products, such as acrylic furniture, display stands, kiosks shelves and show racks for mobile phones, jewelry, sweets etc. In addition, we also produce medals, price stands, photo frames, calendars and other related products for restaurants and shopping malls.



Acrylic Cosmetic Box

Pleasant Acrylic LLC is one of the best acrylic company in Dubai that fabricates elegant and quality acrylic boxes. We can make boxes according to customer’s need & r

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Acrylic Poduim

Pleasant acrylic is a supplier of any colored acrylic glass<

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Acrylic Bending

Pleasant acrylic is a acrylic manufacturing company based in dubai, can specialize bending, blowing for Read More

Acrylic Box

Pleasant acrylic is a acrylic manufacturing company based in dubai , who specializes in creating acrylic boxes in dubai . We create acrylic boxes into different sizes.

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Acrylic Dome

Pleasant Acrylic LLC is an acrylic manufacturing company based in dubai, We are specialized in Read More

Acrylic Brochure Stand

Pleasant acrylic fabrication products that will meet your requirement for any acrylic display in any occasion, cake box, cake topper, acrylic coffee table, acrylic souviner

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Pleasant Acrylic

Acrylic Lasercutting

Acrylic Lasercutting

Acrylic Poduimfrosted

Acrylic Bending

Acrylic Cosmetic Box


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