Acrylic domes are more famous in today’s market.  As the years are going on, the acrylic dome is becoming more adaptable and flexible, which in turn makes it a very popular choice. The number of people is rapidly growing to find out their multiple benefits. Plastic domes can not only be used creatively but also, are very pivotal in the manufacturing of security cameras and equipment for safari parks and playgrounds.

In the case of Dome ports, those who have used them know, are subject to scratching. Dome parts intensify the subaquatic picture by around 35% because of light refraction. You can assume in this way. Scuba masks are broad flat lens elements before your eyes, all the objects look bigger than it is confirmed when you are beneath the water. This is one and the same concept for flat lens elements.

Dome ports will get rid of this problem by conserving a large field of view of a broad-angle lens beneath the water. A broad field of view will help you get near to your subjects, which means sharp figures because of less water and particles between the camera and the subject. 

Now we will go through which kind of dome port is the best

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An acrylic or glass dome port, which is the best?

  • Acrylic ports are low-priced, lighter, tiny, and stronger but they can be easily scratched.
  • When compared with acrylic ports, glass dome ports are extremely big-budgeted and weighty. They can withstand minor scratches (scratch-resistant) and have higher-level natural water-discharging abilities.

Some glass dome port manufacturers profess that they have greater optics. However, it is not yet proven that the glass dome port image quality is better than the plastic dome port image quality. 

Someone who uses both plastic dome ports and glass can understand, it’s always better to choose plastic dome ports as it is cost-effective.

A plastic dome is inexpensive, which means it is 100 times more reasonable than a glass model. If it’s damaged or scratched, you can replace the dome at that cost.

If you have a cover for your dome port, then it is like a life jacket. If you travel in a boat or in a backpack without any protection, you will surely get Traveling on a boat scratch in a dome lens. The most important thing is to be aware and alert with regards to your dome port, look after your gear and your shots will be excellent for a long time to come. 

Anyhow if you select to go for a glass or plastic dome housing, you must keep your home saved. If you keep your dome in free and clean condition, you will be able to catch excellent content. Know about your weaknesses and learn how to ameliorate them with the tools you have. If you select an acrylic port, confirm you use the anti-water droplet gel, and enjoy the tiny, lighter, and low-priced rig. If you obtain the glass port, make sure you avoid contact between the port and the rocks and ensure you insure the rig.


  • Used for skylights and yurts
  • Retail display domes
  • Covers
  • Windows to building sites
  • Puppy windows
  • Security camera domes
  • Movie and TV Sets
  • Lighting and retail


  • Great range of sizes and thicknesses to select from.
  • Custom sizes accessible to order
  • Flange sizes can be custom, and holes can be combined for easy setting and installation.
  • Flange can be eliminated if not essential.
  • Available in several various colours
  • Height of the dome should be half of the diameter

Weather Resistance

Acrylic domes have an excellent ability not to get affected by the elements and will perform well outdoors. Consequential changes in visual or physical performance shouldn’t take place for at least ten years outdoors.

Benefits of installing acrylic dome skylights in the home

acrylic dome

In this contemporary world, people treated skylights as richness to the home. Dome-shaped skylights offer various advantages to the residents. They are not heavy and have less maintenance. They usually put in place the design and architecture of the home to show more brightness.  Moreover, they are accessible in a variety of sizes and shapes. Skylights play an important role in instantly changing a dull and gloomy-looking room into a modern, fashionable, and elegant place, which makes you glad.

If you place the right type of skylight in your room at the right angle, it will provide more colour, brightness and space to your room. More than an aesthetic look, they have a great effect on the environment within a room. In addition to all these, they provide quiet cooling and heating thereby ameliorating energy efficiency. Most people select acrylic domed skylights for their rooms. Dome-shaped skylights are advisable for every type of roof, along with a flat one. They are most apt for flat roofs as they discharge water very fast owing to their “self-cleaning” feature.

Their arrangement on the roof plays a pivotal role in regulating their effectiveness and usefulness. In selecting skylights, the structure of the house also is an important factor. The skylight on the roof will not give a good ambience if there are pillars or beams. Skylights should be installed in the house at the time of construction of your home.

At a later stage, if you want to install dome skylights then you should give proper care to make sure that they are placed correctly and implemented in the correct way. Usually, skylights are focused mainly on large rooms and if the size of the room is small, then there is limited choice for skylights. If you wish to have a skylight for small rooms in your home, then go for an elegant pyramid skylight which provides an illusion of space and makes your room fresh and attractive.

Listed below are some advantages which you get from acrylic dome skylights:

  1. One of the main benefits of acrylic dome skylights is that their shape is very powerful when it is compared with the flat type of acrylic skylight.
  2. They are very feathery (light) weight and require very low maintenance.
  3. They congregate light from various angles and permit direct light to enter the room.
  4. They lessen the impact of soothing the light which enters your room and in turn also gets rid of the glare in the best way.
  5. Skylights usually deliver the best of the outdoors, and inside.
  6. Apart from the artistic taste benefits put forward by them, they are also energy-efficient and supply health-related benefits.
  7. They help out in obstructing powerful and harmful UV rays which in turn permit healthy light to enter the room.
  8. They pull down climbing utility bills to a great extent.

Acrylic Balls

Acrylic balls are featherweight, durable, strong, and scratch-resistant, which makes them suitable for projects ranging from aesthetic to scientific. They also go well for many manufacturers as easy-weight load ball bearings.

Features and Benefits of Acrylic Ball (polished)

Features of Acrylic ball Include

  • High rise light transmission with a refractive index of 1.49
  • UV Stabilised for great weather and resistance extension sunlight disclosure
  • Polished surface which is magnificently smooth


In addition to regular acrylic products, Pleasant Acrylic also manufactures top-quality acrylic domes in Dubai and acrylic balls in Dubai. Our team provides sound support for all of our branded products, so maintenance is easy. We hope that our products will make your life more convenient and comfortable. Contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do polycarbonate and acrylic domes compare to glass

Acrylic and polycarbonate domes have mostly the same uses as glass. One factor which is notable is that glass, acrylic and polycarbonate are available on a large scale.  To get the same level of strength as acrylic, the glass dome has to be moulded five times the thickness of its plastic parts.

Are Acrylic domes good for outdoor use?

Acrylic domes can be used for outdoor purposes as it is UV stabilised.

Can you cement acrylic shapes?

Yes.  It’s possible to cement them to various materials using proper adhesive.

What should be the thickness of acrylic to make domes?

It should be 25mm thick acrylic and press mould thicker material.