Acrylic is a common material which is used as a better option than glass for roofing and various other purposes. Pleasant plastics is a popular and dependable acrylic company in Dubai which offers you high quality acrylic sheets for various purposes.

We are also among the top acrylic fabricators in Dubai which offers quality acrylic materials at an affordable price fulfilling our customers desires. 

 We also give tips to our customers about caring and maintaining our products to  maximise its durability. Here let us look at how to give your acrylic products proper care to last long.


 Closely examining in every aspect, Acrylic is far better than glass. Acrylic materials or acrylic sheets have numerous advantages which makes it popular. They are :

  • Acrylic is a material which has a higher strength than glass :  Acrylic material is unbreakable and has more holding capacity than glass sheets. The glass sheets can be broken easily but acrylic sheets are highly durable than glass sheets.
  • Acrylic is lighter than glass : This is one of the major attractive points of acrylic products. Comparatively acrylic products weigh lesser than glass products although they have more durability and holding capacity.
  • Acrylic products are cost effective than glass products :  The cost of any acrylic products is lesser when compared with glass products of the same purpose. You can understand the price difference between these materials when used on a large scale.

 More than these benefits, There are many more advantages which increase the demand for acrylic. These benefits hold a stronger position for acrylic in the modern industries. Can you even believe that some of the vehicles are also protected with acrylic bullet proofing technology which is new to the industry.

 Some of the other benefits of acrylic sheets are :

  •  Acrylic sheets provides its consumers wide variety of colours and models which is very unique and vibrant than glass sheets
  • The maintenance and care for acrylic sheets are much cheaper than glass sheets. Almost most of the high quality acrylic sheets do not require any care rather than wiping once in a while.

 Although acrylic products don’t require any proper maintenance and care, it is best advised to follow certain tips and tricks to ensure that your acrylic materials last long. Let us look at certain tips to follow while using acrylic products.


 Acrylic fits any niche and conditions which are not too extreme. Although acrylic or plexiglass can be stored irrespective of environment, there are various precautions we should follow in order to utilise it fully without major damage.

  • Don’t store these acrylic panels at extreme temperatures :  The acrylic plastic is a type of product which is not resistant to high temperature. High temperatures are used in the factory for acrylic bending and molding. But you shouldn’t worry about it. We are  the best acrylic sheet supplier in Dubai who provide high quality acrylic roofing sheets and various other acrylic products which can resist heat upto 100 degree celsius.
  • Usage of a protective coat of film is a best strategy to increase the lifespan of your acrylic : Although we assure you that it is possible to remove every scratch on acrylic display products, it is better to avoid scratches on acrylic materials. It is best advised to protect the acrylic with a nice protective film to avoid miscellaneous damages and scratches. We also offer acrylic engraving service in UAE which allows you to design acrylic creatively. So less care of these acrylic painting & designing products can damage the uniqueness of our products. One thing we can assure you is that our packaging will be the top rated in the industry which can protect the products from any sort of accidental damages.


Acryli Cleaning - Pleasant Acrylic

The cleaning process of acrylic materials is not a huge task. Like plastic materials, it can be cleaned easily from home itself. There is no need for the purchase of specific cleaners for this purpose. You can use any of the regular house cleaners to maintain our acrylic products.

Some of the basic cleaning tips you can follow to clean effectively are :

  • The first and the foremost step you should take care of while cleaning acrylic products is that you should remove the dust particles above it with a brush or blower, otherwise the particles may become messy when the acrylic is wet.
  • If you do not find any glass cleaner of specific chemicals to clean your product, you can just use water and microfiber cloth or a clean cloth to make your acrylic clean.
  • There are plenty of polishes which can make your product look shiny and fresh. Try to use the best one for you by considering reviews and opinions to get a better experience.
  • You should be very careful to make sure that your cleaning materials don’t contain Ammonia or harmful chemicals which can make the acrylic dull.


Acrylic Scratch Fixing - Pleasant Acrylic

Like we mentioned earlier, Some of the minor scratches or tough stains on acrylic can be fixed. It requires only a few materials to fix scratches on Acrylic. Using wet sandpapers of grits between 600 to 1200 along with proper application of warm water can disappear most of the scratches on your acrylic product. 

After this process, acrylic polishing with relevant polish can give the best glazing and fresh feel for your acrylic product.

You can find the detailed step by step tutorial of fixing scratches on acrylic products on YouTube.


This is a natural phenomenon of physics that is present on every acrylic product from acrylic furniture to acrylic lighting fixtures. This charge is mainly responsible for the attraction of dust articles to your acrylic. You can also feel your hair getting attracted towards acrylic products like plastic after a few contacts.

There are many sprays or chemicals available for acrylic which can discharge static charge and make your product clean. You can buy these anti-static spray online at an affordable price.

These are the various maintenance and caring tips we can use for acrylic products to maximise its durability. 


Moreover common acrylic products, Pleasant plastics also produces various types of acrylic cosmetic box in Dubai with superior quality. The maintenance of every product of our brand is very simple as our team provides you healthy support. We hope you can utilise our products for your convenience and make your life easier.





There are certain measures to take while cleaning anti-glare acrylic products. These acrylic materials are highly prone to damages and losing their quality. You should use cleaners which are dedicated to them and soft cloth rather than using usual abrasive cleaners. The harsh chemicals which have ammonium in it can easily damage these types of acrylic.


In the UAE or otherwise known as Dubai, Pleasant plastics is the best acrylic company in Dubai which offers a variety of services throughout the country. They not only provide regular acrylic materials, but also provide unique quality services such as acrylic engraving and acrylic laser cutting in Dubai. They also provide acrylic furniture like an acrylic table to their customers which is very unique. Moreover they have good feedback about their products from its consumers.


Yes, for a number of reasons acrylic has more benefits than using glass. Nowadays, technology has evolved in such a manner that acrylic is a substitute with benefits for glass. Acrylic is unbreakable, highly durable, cheaper and resistant than glass. Glass materials are quite expensive and heavier than acrylic. The only advantage for glass to substitute acrylic is that they can provide better transparent vision than acrylic. For example we can just take the case of roofing sheets, Many people use glass sheets for roofing which is luxurious but yet not durable. Now people have changed their mindset with modern crystal clear acrylic sheets.Therefore we can say that acrylic is better than glass. 


One of the major demerits of acrylic is that they are versatile materials which can be moulded or bent using heat. More than that, the cost of attractive acrylic products are a bit high. These are the major demerits of acrylic.