Victories and achievements should not just be rewarded, but remembered for a long time; and what better way to do so than with trophies? While traditional trophies have always been made in metal, acrylic trophies and awards are emerging as an excellent alternative to them. In fact, acrylic trophy awards have transformed the concept of awards and trophies, opening the doors for creativity and uniqueness. With acrylic, you can create stunning and bespoke mementos that capture the essence of achievements in style.

Today, acrylic awards have become the most popular choice for rewarding excellence and achievements in a wide range of fields, whether it is sports, art, or academics. They are also popular in the corporate world, where employees are rewarded for their performance. Acrylic awards are capable of conveying myriad emotions thanks to the versatility in design, colours, shapes, and sizes.

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What Exactly is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a flexible and versatile type of plastic that has a host of uses and benefits, and is available in different forms like rods and tubes, and variations like mirrored,  tinted, frosted, non-glare, and so on,and in a wide range of opacities and colours . From aquariums to airplane windows, and from retail window displays to awards, acrylic is used in everything.

What are the Reasons for the Popularity Of Custom Acrylic Awards?

Acrylic as a material has gained popularity as it offers numerous advantages as listed below:

  • It is a very flexible and versatile material, and highly durable. Which means you don’t have to worry about it breaking or chipping.
  • It can be shaped any which way you want – geometric, soft-edged, irregularly shaped, etc.
  • Acrylic awards are lightweight, making them convenient and easy to carry.
  • Acrylic is quite similar to crystal in appearance but costs much lesser, and is a great material when you need trophies in bulk.
  • It can capture and enhance the visual effect of graphics, creating a 3D effect which makes the trophy prominent, sophisticated, and unique, which is difficult with other materials.
  • Its versatility allows you to create completely unique, one-of-a-kind, custom design awards which the recipient is bound to love.
  • Being shatter resistant and scratch proof, it lasts a lifetime, serving as a permanent memory of the recipient’s achievements. This quality also makes it ideal for crowded places or where there is lots of movement and multiple people handling them, like offices and homes.
  • Acrylic doesn’t turn cloudy or dull because it is highly resisitant to sunlight, and pollutants like harmful chemicals that can dampen its appearance.
  • Acrylic is economically priced, allowing you to create stunning yet affordable awards.
  • Engraving on acrylic is very easy, whether you want text, logos, etc. You can etch, do laser engraving, or print on the award easily.
  • Acrylic is often made from materials that are recycled or recyclable, making them more environment-friendly.

Acrylic design trophies are visually appealing and have a high impact, as they look almost like glass trophies. Additionally, vinyl printing can be done to add a dash of colour, breaking the monotony of a clear, transparent award trophy. In fact, with acrylic, you have a wide choice of colours, and you can have different coloured backgrounds, fills, and so on, for a wow effect.

Acrylic trophies are usually made from perspex, making them very resilient. Should you accidentally drop them, they will not get damaged in the least. This makes these trophies ideal for children and for recipients who have travel a long way back home.

Perhaps one of its most stunning advantages is that you can pair them with LED bases to create spectacular awards with illumination, and render the trophy immensely attractive.

A word of caution though – make sure you never store the acrylic awards close to heat sources as this can damage them.

What is the Process for Designing Acrylic Awards?

At Pleasant Acrylics, we take your awards very seriously, and therefore, we follow a meticulous and standardized procedure for designing your trophies. Our process ensures that you get exactly what you need, within time, and without overshooting your budget.

The first step is a consultation cum meeting session with our clients to have a clear understanding of their requirements, including the specific achievement, the basic demographic information of recipients, their budgets, and preferences.

Next, we build a 3-dimensional design of the trophy so that the client can visualize the award perfectly, and verify that it fits their needs.

After that comes the material selection stage. The right acrylic sheet or cast mould has to be chosen, keeping in mind the size of the award, its thickness, colour, and more.

We start the production only after the award design is approved. The production process is where we cut and shape the acrylic, etch or engrave on it, add colours if required by the customer, and so on. A laser cutter enables precision in cutting the acrylic sheet to match the 3-D design. Then, it is moulded, and objects are embedded in the trophy. The award is shaped with a combination of CNC and 5-Axis so that we get the desired shape. Conventional printing and contemporary technologies are used for printing and etching text including the award name, recipient’s name, the achievement, date, and so on. 

The final step is the finishing; the edges and surfaces of the trophies are polished till the appearance is smooth and glossy.

When all the above steps are completed, the awards are carefully packaged to ensure that our customers receive it in mint condition.

To Wrap Up

Awards are a perfect way to celebrate achievements and victories of individuals and teams. Though awards can be crafted in various material, today acrylic is the most in demand. Acrylic, as a material has innumerable advantages over others like glass, crystal, and metal, for crafting awards and trophies. We have seen how unique and durable awards can be created from this material. It is small wonder then, that more and more people, including corporate giants, are preferring to order their awards in acrylic material. Acrylic is available in a variety of forms, thickness, colours, and so on, and can moulded into any desirable shape.

Acrylic trophies can be fully customized, and reflect your brand perfectly. Being highly scratch and shatter resistant, they can serve as lifelong reminders of the achievements of the recipients, regardless of the field. They are also easy to clean and maintain, are lightweight, and very affordable. It becomes a win-won situation when you want to keep employees happy by handing awards, yet without denting your bottom line significantly. Acrylic awards have a timeless appeal that is not impacted by fluctuating market trends. Their elegant and classical appearance ensures that they will stay cherished and relevant for years to come.

Thanks to all the advantages that acrylic awards have, they are capable of meeting the needs of any individual, business, organizastion, corporation, or event, and make the perfect choice for recognition.

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