You get several thoughts when you think about how to bend acrylic sheets. Let me tell you the names of the machines that can bend them. They are the strip heaters, heating guns, soldering irons, and propane torches. There are artists who like to use ovens as well as hair dryers for bending acrylics.

Anyways, there is a uniting factor in each of these ways. The factor is the use of heat. In this technique, the acrylic is heated till it reaches a level where it melts. Then you can start bending acrylic sheets in any shapes that you love.

Here we will introduce a new way to bend acrylic sheet sets that uses the same factor of heat. And I am sure anyone can use this way. In this post, we will talk about various ways to create shapes after plexiglass bending.

Preliminary Steps

  • Take an acrylic sheet with five-millimeter thickness.
  • Then start cutting this sheet using the hacksaw-blade into five sections.
  • You can divide the sheet into various sizes.
  • Here you can find out how different sizes will change the way the acrylic bends.
  • In the next paragraphs, you will learn about how to bend plexiglass sheets.

Simple Bend


Prior to starting to heat the sections do peel away the two security covers that are stuck in the sides. When you heat the sections the covers will melt alongside and will be permanently stuck on the sheet. Never forget this rule while using any acrylic bending machine. You can use the movable gas stoves to heat it for acrylic bending. Most houses have a gas stove. In tiny companies, they use these stoves.

  • Inside the room where you use a gas stove, do see that the room has plenty of ventilation.
  • Next, you need to start wearing heat-defying glove sets. This will prevent any flame and heat from creating problems on your hands.
  • You must also lower the number of fumes that you breathe by wearing masks. After that start turning the gas stove on as well as reducing the heat.
  • Next, place the section of acrylic on the stove. There must be a long gap of fifteen centimeters between them.
  • Wait for at least three minutes or lesser. The acrylic will start to soften nicely.
  • Then suddenly you can see the automatic starting of a bend in the section. You need to know that this happens at the degree of a hundred and thirty.
  • In this step, you can move the section to a new cool place nearby. Here you can use two scrap wooden sections to keep the acrylic in position.
  • Start applying pressure using one wooden section.
  • Create a nice bend. It should bend a perfect ninety degrees.
  • When the artists need more bends they can further bend the section as they like.
  • In this way, you can use similar acrylic bending tools.

Table of Content

How to Bend Acrylic to Create Phone Stands

For this result, you need to use a bigger piece of acrylic. See that the price is more than double the mobile phone. Plus the breadth must be one inch more than the phone. You may also use the same breadth. Here you need to create two bends. Since the section is large the time for bending is more.

The way to heat this acrylic section is slow. You need lots of time and peace of mind. Here you need two forty-five-degree bends. One bend must be made at the end within one or two inches of the section. And the next must be made at the exact length measurement of the phone.

In this way, you can place the phone on the smaller bend and the larger bend will hold the weight of the phone. The smaller bend is at the foot of the phone. Use the same way of holding the acrylic with the wooden sections as in the previous method. In about twenty minutes you get a finished phone stand. Also read the advantages of acrylic plastic.

Precautions While Bending

  • Do take care not to focus the heat on only one part of the acrylic for too long.
  • In this instance, you will create air bubbles.
  • And these bubbles will never go away. It is unsightly to watch.
  • Hence, remember to heat the section you want to bend in an even manner across its body.
  • If you heat one part too long the acrylic can also break.
  • If you need a straight bend you need to apply even heat.

Create A Bow Shape

Use a wooden bow-shaped unit for this. The unit must be strong and at least five centimeters thick and forty to fifty centimeters long. It should be a three-dimensional unit. Here heat the acrylic just like in the first simple bend method in this post.

After that, the acrylic will bend automatically at the right time. Then take it near the wooden bow shape. Press the acrylic on the bow and make sure that the acrylic gets the shape of the bow. In this method, you will get a beautiful bow-shaped piece.

Create Thin Acrylic Bends


Cut thin sections of the sheet say about two centimeters. Mix concrete in a small amount to make a tile. After that heat the place on the acrylic you want to bend. Next, place the sheet into the three-fourth-done concrete.

Then bend the sheet. In this method, the acrylic will get stuck into the concrete. And you will also bend the sheet ninety degrees. Start bending from about four centimeters from the concrete. This way you create artistic shapes from thin sheets.

In this post, you found out the ways how to bend acrylic. You can use the different novel bending methods that we have discussed above.

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